About the Company

Discover Battery is the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing of transportation, motive power, and advanced energy storage solutions.

With over 60 years of experience, Discover Battery is helping to accelerate a global power shift for a cleaner energy future. We offer world leading expertise for a range of applications, including:

Renewable energy  |  Commercial purposes  |  Telecom systems  |  Mobility  |  UPS & emergency lighting

Being passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at it. Conversely, being good at something isn’t always fuelled by passion. At Discover, not only are we passionate about solving difficult transportation, motive power and energy storage challenges but we are really good at it too, and probably not for the reasons anyone would think.

The origin of the word passion comes from the Latin word "passio" which means suffering and submission. We have evolved to become very good at what we do because we have "suffered", learned from, and overcame historical challenges in our industry. We learned to refuse to "submit" our customers to the cash and cachet of much larger competitors and their "standardized, it’s-good-enough" or "me-too, one size fits all" products. We transcended the self-interests displayed by our larger competitors to focus on what success is really all about.

Discover Battery is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with 6 manufacturing facilities located in Europe, South Asia and Korea. We have other corporate and sales offices operating in several countries around the world.


Infrastructure is the fundamental facilities and systems serving a business including the services and facilities necessary for it to function.