The Discover Difference

Discover brings a legacy of performance and innovation to
a future with no limits.

Discover has an established and reliable global sales and distribution network that supports a growing portfolio of the world’s most respected OEMs, fleets, businesses and government agencies. We are a trusted and enduring brand that is just beginning to spread our wings and leverage all our substantial assets.

We have world class talent that produces great products and technology and that can compete with any global provider, but our biggest competitive advantage is our ability to find market niches and solve real world problems within specialized and demanding applications that we can exploit more effectively than our competition.

We focus on markets and applications that are too large and complex for small players and new entrants, but that are difficult for the giants to penetrate with generic offerings and without sustained focus and large investments in time and resources. And when resources are scarce and the shareholders demand growth and profits next quarter – the giants focus their attention on the biggest near term opportunities.

  • The giants can’t design and deliver special commercial truck batteries that will only generate 10M in revenue per year. Discover can.
  • The giants can’t design and deliver batteries tailored to the floor cleaning or robotics industry. Discover can.
  • The giants can’t design and deliver energy storage systems specially designed for an industry, country or application’s unique technical requirements. Discover can.

So, where the giants can’t deliver unique value to targeted markets, Discover can and does."

Our proven ability to out-sell, out-support, and out-work our competition in every part of the world is as important as our commitment to being a leader in innovation and performance in every market we serve. Our growing portfolio of patents and IP in battery technology, including proprietary battery management and control systems is securing our long term future.

We win most of our fights because we choose fights where we have the advantage, and where even conservative estimates of what we can capture in market share is more than enough to achieve our financial objectives.

Discover always delivers. And we intend to deliver much, much more."

The Discover Difference