Discharging batteries

Discharging batteries is a function of your application. Below is a list of useful items:

  • Shallow Depth of Discharges (DOD) will result in longer battery life. <30% DOD is recommended for general-purpose deep-cycle batteries
  • Lead acid Batteries in solar or renewable energy applications should be sized for no more than 50% DOD. 30% DOD sizing is preferable 
  • 80% DOD is the maximum safe discharge for industrial semi-traction type deep cycle flooded, AGM and GEL batteries
  • Do not continually discharge any led acid battery >80%. This will damage (or kill) the battery
  • Recommended maximum DOD for flooded batteries is 50% of capacity
  • A periodic equalization charge for flooded batteries is a must
  • Do not leave batteries deeply discharged for any length of time
  • Lead-acid batteries do not develop a memory and need not be fully discharged before recharging
  • Batteries should be charged after each period of use
  • Batteries that charge up but cannot support a load have most likely reached the end of their useful life.