Our History

To "discover" means to find something in the course of a search. At Discover Battery, we are always searching for better solutions to battery and energy storage challenges. What started as a battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved to become a leading innovator and manufacturer of high value power solutions delivered and serviced globally through the best sales and service network on the planet.

The origin of the word passion comes from the Latin word "passio" which means suffering and submission. We have evolved to become very good at what we do because we have "suffered", learned from, and overcame historical challenges in our industry. We learned to refuse to "submit" our customers to the cash and cachet of much larger competitors and their "standardized, it’s-good-enough" or "me-too, one size fits all" products. We transcended the self-interests displayed by our larger competitors to focus on what success is really all about.

Success in our market is about delivering excellence with the design, manufacture and supply of battery products and energy storage solutions that we know will provide meaningful results and outcomes for our customers.

EST. 1949

1949 -1987

Discover Battery began in Lethbridge, Alberta with the same
vision we have today: to be constantly searching and developing
solutions for applications where performance and productivity
matters because the right tools make all the difference to people
who rely on our batteries to make their living.

1997 -2003

Discover Energy Corp. emerges as a global innovator
and manufacturer of high value energy storage and
power solutions for niche markets.

2000 -2006

Discover Battery begins technical development
for +/- semi-traction plates.

At the same time, a joint venture with Shenzhen
Center Power starts commercial production
of semi-traction plates for sealed batteries.


Discover establishes a joint venture partnership for
battery assembly in Dongguan, China


Discover Battery is the first company to develop and
produce dry cell traction batteries for OEM industrial
& commercial applications.


Advanced Energy product development
- Primary and Secondary Lithium


Discover Battery relocates their plant production &
formation technology to Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province,


Discover Battery wins first place in the German
Automechanika Innovation Award for their patented
electrolyte mixing technology called MIXTECH.


Establish product engineering group for
commercialization of Advanced Energy Systems


Government policy changes force relocation
of production facility to Sichuan, China


Product development agreement with Schneider
Electric for on/off grid power solutions


  • Discover Containerized Universal Battery for on/off
    grid support.
  • Government approval for new facility in Jiangxi,
    China, to combine EV plate plant and assembly


  • AES Production model assembly lines established
    in Taipei, Taiwan
  • UL/DOT/UN certification for all AES production
  • M&A plan for Discover MIXTECH production facility
    in Korea to manufacture SLI batteries utilizing
    patented MIXTECH technology


Discover Energy opens new Logistics, Engineering, R&D
and Testing Facility in Richmond, BC (Canada) to support
OEM and special projects integration.


  • Merge Ganzhou and Sichuan operations in
    Jiangxi, China.
  • Dry Cell and Gel Cell Traction battery production
    capacity of 4 million KVA.


Discover MIXTECH wins GreenTec award in the Mobility
Category (Germany).


Discover Mixtech Manufacturing Co., LTD. recognized
with “Korean Gold Statue Award” for Export exceeding $30M


CUB 3.0 Launched (Containerized Universal Battery). High
Voltage 480VAC 3 Phase systems capable of providing up to
1MWhr of Lithium energy storage in the same, 20’ container

and the search continues...