The Discover Difference

Discover is ideally positioned to become one of the most important and proven specialized battery technology and manufacturing companies in the world, with:

  • A diversified range of proprietary products and technologies that power multiple rapidly growing industries
  • A proven sales and distribution network spanning every continent
  • Long term partnerships with respected multi-national OEM customers

From Transportation, to Motive Power, to Energy Storage Systems – Discover delivers the world’s most innovative and reliable battery solutions in the most challenging applications:

Our award winning MIXTECH Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are the gold standard for total cost and performance in today’s most demanding Start-Stop and anti-idle automotive and commercial vehicle applications. MIXTECH batteries are the only battery ever to win either the Automechanika award or the prestigious GreenTec award.

Our Advanced Energy Systems (AES Lithium) batteries and battery management and control systems are the gold standard for industrial and motive power applications including robotics, autonomous vehicles, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, material handling equipment, and utility vehicles.

Our Containerized Universal Battery (CUB) distributed energy storage and management systems are the gold standard for renewable energy storage applications including micro-grids and diesel abatement for both government and business.

Success in our market is about delivering excellence with the design, manufacture and supply of battery products and energy storage solutions that we know will provide meaningful results and outcomes for our customers. Discover is not just a Web Page, Head Office, PowerPoint or Press Release. Discover is a passionate collection of people that live in the trenches with our customers, constantly searching out and developing solutions for applications where performance and productivity matters because the right tools make all the difference.

It’s because our customers know that start-stop engine systems and increased electric loads are reducing battery life in newer vehicles, that we commercialized MIXTECH transportation battery technology that eliminates acid stratification, and doubles battery life without doubling cost.

It’s because traditional motive power batteries experience diminished service life when operating in a partial state of charge (PSOC) and can take 10 hours to re-charge, that we are delivering the new energy economy of robots and autonomous work vehicles solutions that suffer no negative consequences from continuous PSOC operation, can fully charge in less than an hour, deliver peak capacity cycles for 100s of times longer than lead acid, and that can provide equipment owners with 400% productivity gains.

It’s because acid batteries used for energy storage are heavy, have high costs of ownership, begin to lose capacity virtually as soon as you install them and provide no more than 80% round trip efficiency that we deliver an energy storage battery technology that can allow a remote community to operate entirely off grid, that will provide at least 10x the micro-cycle or 20x the deep cycle life of lead acid batteries, and that can reduce energy costs by 30% or more.

Our larger competitors focus on chasing whales. There aren’t enough short-term profits for them to get into our customers’ trenches and fix their problems. If their "me too, one-size-fits-all" approach doesn’t work and their marketing machines can’t easily re-brand or adapt a current product to an emerging market, they quickly lose interest and stick to what is quick and easy.

Discover’s passion and ability to dominate difficult market niches is a core competitive advantage and it manifests itself in our people, our products and our approach to these markets. We fully understand a battery’s life from electrochemical design to its ultimate end-of-life characteristics. We know what is required to responsibly manage a battery’s movement into and out of the market, including the recycling and re-use process.

We believe that fully understanding how batteries are used, misused and abused is inherently important. We believe understanding how batteries and energy storage solutions are incorporated into equipment and applications, and what is required to successfully utilize the benefits and features of new emerging energy technologies (like Lithium cells) to solve these historical challenges is the key to Discover’s success. This is the reason we have as many Power Electronics Engineers on our team as we do battery experts. In order to maximize results for our customers, we must know as much or more about motor controllers, inverters, chargers and other power conversion equipment connected to our batteries than the manufacturers who make and sell them.

When it comes to the new energy economy and the need for "game changing" transportation, motive power and energy storage solutions, our history, tribal knowledge and willingness to listen to our customers ensure we will lead from a position of strength.