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Overlander for Hire | Discover Dry Cell

September 13 2018

A few years ago Enertec Batteries were tasked with a requirement from Avis Safari Rentals to supply them with the best and most reliable, cost effective battery for their 4x4 rental vehicles as they were experiencing untenable battery issues. Investing in batteries is often overlooked as a general commodity, however, a battery is the heartbeat of the vehicle, supplying all power and starting requirements. It can literally make or break one’s leisure and/or bush experience.

Take a look into why Discover Dry Cell Traction batteries were the battery choice for the "Class O" Ford Ranger for Avis Safari Rental. When specifying the optimum solution, Ampere hour sizing, electrical installation and the correct technology all play critical roles. Discover's Dry Cell Traction batteries are reliable, able to handle shock forces from bad roads and rugged terrain, and requires no maintenance. There is a significant return on investment due to the battery's high performance and lifespan when compared with a high-quality standard semi-sealed flooded lead-acid deep-cycle battery.

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Source: SA 4x4 magazine