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We set out each day to do the right things; not the easy things. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We recognise that each moment is guided by our core values of remaining: honest, humble, and hungry.

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Resume and cover letter submitted

Thanks for applying! We’ve received your resume and we’re reading through it. Only successful candidates will be contacted for a phone interview.

Phone call from Discover Battery recruitment

One of our talented recruiters will contact you to discuss your resume and chat about your work experience. This should take around 20 minutes, if there’s a match, we’ll invite you to an in-person interview.

Invitation to in-person interview

Only successful candidates will be invited to take part in our in-person interview. During your exciting one hour (approximately) interview a number of things will happen:
  • A discussion about the benefits and challenges of working at Discover Battery
  • A face-to-face interview with one of our recruiters (approx. 60 minutes)
  • A discussion about salary, employee commitment and culture
  • You'll have the opportunity to share your professional experiences, what inspired you to apply at Discover Battery, and what intrigues you about us?


Big ideas and bold promises require a world-class team of experts. We are a company that recognizes that the bedrock of our success comes from our people. The best people, the best culture — this is what makes everything else possible.  

We're growing fast, so if you find a vacancy perfect for you, please submit your resume and a cover letter. If there isn't a current vacancy, don't worry, you can submit your resume and cover letter on a speculative basis.  

Discover Battery makes our products available through the best knowledge-based distribution and service organizations for the people and businesses who rely on batteries to work, live, or get away.


Working at Discover means feeling empowered to make a difference and inspired to bring innovation to our business. So, if you’re looking to work with enthusiastic experts who are tackling game-changing challenges in the stored and renewable energy markets, we would love to hear from you.  

Learn more about a few of our benefits below:  
Competitive Salary
Our business may have a great products or services but the true strength of our company lies with our people – and top talent deserves to be well remunerated.
Extended Health, Vision, Dental, LTD, AD&D, and Life Insurance – we have you covered.
Sponsorship + Fundraising Opportunities
It’s all about supporting the communities in which we live and work. We need to be there to support your local team or organization
Our Progressive Culture
Our core values and culture code are the operating system that powers Discover. Whether planned or not, all companies have a culture. So, why not create a culture we love?
Renewable Energy Focused
When you are so incredibly lucky as to live in a country as beautiful as Canada, we owe it to our children and their children to preserve it and make it even better. That's part of the deal. Our values and culture matter. This country matters.

Discover Battery is Part of the SOLV4EX group of companies.


Managed Companies


Do the right thing for your Company, coworkers, customers, vendors, family and community members. Improve something about your work, your team and yourself every day.


Learn something meaningful everyday. Teach something meaningful everyday. Express appreciation for someone every day and celebrate the good things.


To become a world-class organization in Sales, Marketing and knowledge based distribution in our chosen product categories and geographies.

Environment, Safety, & Health

An integral part of our mission is to drive innovations while protecting our team members, increasing our efficiencies, reducing costs, and minimizing our environmental impacts.  

We are committed to facing these complex challenges head on, promoting innovation and responsible growth while contributing to a more sustainable future for our team members, their families, and the communities where we live and work.

By integrating environment, safety and health considerations into our operations and business practices, we create value by decreasing business risks and identifying opportunities while increasing the productivity, efficiency, and quality of our employees’ work environment.