Discover Battery has a long history of working with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their unique applications and requirements. Our engineering team uses this knowledge to design and manufacture purpose-built batteries and stored energy solutions to meet their needs. Discover Battery leverages its manufacturing plants in Korea, China and Taiwan as centres of excellence in battery manufacturing to build batteries that meet and exceed the diverse market requirements that our customers demand. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO9001/14001 and OSHA 18001 standards.

Discover utilizes our manufacturing plants to build and assemble all of our batteries.

  • Vancouver, BC is Discover Battery headquarters and houses our design team. All our validation, research and development for the Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries takes place in Vancouver
  • Gwangju, Korea is 36,060 m2 and has a production capability of up to 6 millions units. This plant manufactures our award-winning line MIXTECH of batteries.
  • Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China is 174,000 m2 and has a production capability of 4 million KVAH. This is our centre of excellence for the Discover AGM batteries.
  • Tamsui, New Taipei, Taiwan has production capabilities of 20,000 kWh and houses our QA/QC, assembly, testing, and distribution for our discover AES LiFePO4 batteries.
In addition to our manufacturing plants, Discover Battery has global distribution in strategic locations around the world to facilitate shipping to our customers.

Our Technologies

Success in our market is about delivering excellence in the design, manufacturing, and supply of battery and energy storage solutions. We are a passionate collection of people that live in the trenches with our customers. We are continually developing new technologies and delivering enhanced solutions for applications where performance and productivity matter.

Understanding how batteries and energy storage solutions are incorporated into equipment and applications is the secret sauce of our innovation. We utilize the benefits and features of new and emerging battery technologies to solve problems that help our customers be more productive, cost-effective, and self-reliant.

Lithium Batteries

Discover lithium batteries offers the lowest total cost of energy storage for off-grid and micro-grid applications.

With a warrantied life of 10 years, and a design of over 20 years, Discover lithium batteries will last 3 ~ 5 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries. Discover lithium batteries are > 25% more efficient than their lead acid equivalents. Lithium batteries have 4 times the energy density of lead acid and they require no maintenance.
DRY CELL Batteries

Discover® DRY CELL Traction batteries outperform traditional AGM and GEL batteries and are a resilient battery solution for SLI, Motive, and Solar Energy Storage applications.

Incorporating graphite enhanced plate alloys, carbon additives and hydro polymer electrolytes with organic capillary separator technology, DRY CELL Traction batteries are tolerant of Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operation and extreme temperatures. Discover DRY CELL batteries are maintenance-free, provide a consistently high operating voltage and long runtime over their operational life. DRY CELL batteries are globally trusted and have been used by Original Equipment Manufacturers since 2002.
MIXTECH Batteries

Every Discover MIXTECH battery delivers uniform acid density, superior starting performance and longer cycle life at a lower total cost of ownership when compared with all types of Starting Lighting Ignition (SLI)batteries.

MIXTECH EMX, MIXTECH EFB and MIXTECH EGM batteries combine the latest electrochemical advancements in battery technology with our exclusive and patented 360° acid mixing design to produce the most significant improvement in performance, reliability and SLI battery life in over 50 years
GEL CELL Batteries

Discover GEL CELL Traction batteries outperform traditional Flooded, AGM and Gel deep cycle batteries and are a resilient battery for Motive applications.

Incorporating Gel technology with graphite enhanced plate alloys and carbon additives, GEL CELL Traction batteries support deep discharge recovery and are tolerant of Partial State of Charge operation. GEL CELL Traction batteries perform well in higher ambient temperatures and are maintenance-free. GEL CELL Traction batteries are globally trusted and have been used by Original Equipment Manufacturers for over ten years.
AGM Batteries

Discover AGM batteries are a proven maintenance-free non-spill valve regulated AGM deep cycle battery.

Optimized lead calcium plates deliver high power density and consistent performance. Special grid alloy and paste formula reduces gassing and self-discharge. 99% gas recombination for extended life in deep cycle applications.
Energy Storage Tubular Batteries

Discover Energy Storage Tubular Gel (OPzV) batteries provide deep cycle operation, the highest cycling expectancy and the lowest total cost of ownership amongst lead-acid technologies.

Energy Storage Tubular Gel are ideal for solar applications such as Off-grid, Micro Grids or Telecommunication installations which demand very high autonomous kWh capacity. Energy Storage Tubular Gel 2V batteries are maintenance-free and available as complete sets for 24V and 48V systems with racking, battery interconnect cables included.