Discover® GEL CELL Traction batteries incorporate a "true Gel" traction formula that meets aftermarket replacement and Original Equipment battery requirements. With a long history of safety and reliability, the batteries deliver exceptional longevity even under Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operation and high temperature conditions.

GEL CELL Traction Industrial batteries exceed flooded and AGM batteries in deep discharge recovery making them ideal for energy storage applications.


Best in its Class for Demanding Applications

Discover® GEL CELL batteries are a versatile and robust energy storage solution for applications that require frequent deep battery discharge and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operation.

Product Features

Enhanced Alloys

  • Thick plates with graphite enhanced alloys deliver maximum runtime over operational life

Carbon Boost

  • Carbon additives to increase duty cycle performance, charge acceptance, and partial state of charge operation

Automatic Through-The-Partition Weld

  • Improved intercell weld consistency and less lead waste than manual welding process (key industry models)
  • Supports high-current loads and lowers Internal Resistance

Polypropylene Case

  • High heat resistance and durability (key industry models)
  • High precision pressure relief valves reduce water loss and extend life
  • Integrated flame arrestors to prevent fire and explosion