Discover’s industry leading AES, Professional, and BLUE Lithium Solutions are purpose-built by Discover's North American engineering and manufacturing group and independently certified to the highest safety, performance and reliability standards.

With unlimited cycle energy throughput warranty protection, and a design life of over 20 years, Discover AES batteries offer the lowest total cost of energy storage for off-grid and micro-grid applications. Discover Lithium Solutions include BMS controlled environmentally safe motive power and stationary options for extreme temperature operation, up to 98% in round trip charge efficiency (RTE), 50% in weight savings and 10x the cyclic design life of high-quality lead acid options

AES LiFePO4 Solar Stationary

Purpose-built performance and the lowest cost of energy storage per kWh. Manufactured with the highest-grade cells and a proprietary high peak surge and transient voltage hardened BMS. Plug-and-play installation with the best known off-grid inverters and parallel capacity up to 148 kWh.

AES LiFePO4 Mobile Industrial

The highest level of productivity for semi-traction battery powered machines and utility electric vehicles and, unlike lead-acid batteries, deliver a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership and a predictable return on investment.

LITHIUM Professional

A low temperature operating ability and a proprietary high-current BMS delivers superior peak power along with fast charge/discharge. LITHIUM Professional batteries include an at-a-glance status LED and a LYNK Port that enables paralleled batteries to be connected together, and feature cold charge functionality allowing for cold temperature charging to begin from -20⁰C / -4⁰F.


Purpose built, for caravan, RV and marine applications, LITHIUM BLUE is safe, easily to install and parallel for more capacity and comes with. LITHIUM BLUE terminal protection, field serviceable fuses and real-time access to battery operating status using a Bluetooth® App.

LYNK Gateway Solar

LYNK Solar Gateway aggregates and displays real-time State of Charge for Discover AES and Professional batteries, and unlocks their full potential by enabling the internal BMS to optimize and manage the charge/discharge configuration of off-grid inverter chargers and solar charge controllers.