Discover® DRY CELL Marine RV batteries outperform traditional flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries with exceptional dual-purpose, starting, and cycling performance. The batteries are tolerant of a wide ambient temperature range, vibration, and Partial State of Charge operation.

DRY CELL Marine RV batteries are safe, nonspillable, maintenance-free, and trusted by boat builders and recreational vehicle manufacturers.


High Battery Capacity. Long Runtimes.

DRY CELL Marine/RV batteries are ideal for dual-purpose use with an emphasis on high electric loads and cyclic life. They are designed for greater runtimes, longer discharges and deep-cycle applications.

Product Features

Hydro Polymer

  • Organic capillary separators with hydropolymer electrolytes resist dry-out and prevent thermal runaway
  • Maintains performance characteristics over operational life

Enhanced Alloys

  • Thick plates with graphite enhanced alloys deliver maximum runtime over operational life

Carbon Boost

  • Carbon additives increase duty cycle performance, charge acceptance, and partial state of charge operation

Automatic Through-The-Partition Weld

  • Improved intercell weld consistency and less lead waste than manual welding process (key industry models)
  • Supports high current loads and lowers internal resistance

Polypropylene Case

  • High heat resistance and durability (key industry models)
  • High precision pressure relief valves reduce water loss and extend life
  • Integrated flame arrestors to prevent fire and explosion