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LYNK II Communication Gateway aggregates and displays the State of Charge for AES PROFESSIONAL and AES LiFePO4 batteries.

Unlock the full potential of these lithium batteries by integrating them with inverter-chargers, on and off-board chargers, displays, load centers, motor controls, PLCs, and telematics to optimize system performance. Improve system integration using multiple communication interfaces and CAN-based protocols, including RV-C*, NMEA 2000*, CANopen, J1939, or serial CAN.

The LYNK ACCESS Software for LYNK II includes device programming, remote access, battery digital signal simulation, and data analysis to reduce development time and effort. Turn a good system into a great one with ultra-fast charging, real-time status, predictive equipment control and diagnostics.

Product Features

Status View
  • At-a-Glance State of Charge LED Indicator 
  • Communication status
  • LYNK Port - RJ45
  • LYNK Port - IEC (M12 -5 PIN)
  • CAN Out - Ethernet RJ45
  • CAN Out - Phoenix
  • USB Device - Type B- Mini
  • Power Inputs Nominal - Phoenix 13-90 V, LYNK Port 12 V, USB 5 V
  • SD Memory Card
Programmable Relays
  • Phoenix: NO, NC COMM (1) / NO, COMM (2)
Parallel Batteries
  • A single LYNK Gateway supports up to 20 parallel batteries
Real-Time Data
  • State of Charge (SoC), voltage, temperature and battery status is communicated in real time to on-board devices
  • Charge voltage and current targets, voltage, temperature, current, and battery diagnostics
Full Compatibility
  • Battery related settings are automatically programmed for multiple brands of industrial chargers
  • Configurable CANopen TPDOs and behaviour
Maximize the Battery
  • Internal cell balancing is optimized, enabling the highest usable capacity and true 100% depth of discharge over the entire life of the battery
Faster Charging
  • Up to 25% faster 0% to 100% SoC charging with dynamically managed parameter communication between the battery and the industrial charger
Quick Install
  • Fast installation 
  • No special tools
  • Plug-and-play
Simple Setup
  • Network batteries with other devices
  • Configure for power conversion devices
  • Monitor and troubleshoot with LYNK ACCESS
Certification Standards
  • CE
  • Configurable - CANopen, Serial CAN, J1939, RV-C*, NMEA 2000*
Control External Devices
  • Trigger relays using battery SoC and battery current to control external devices


  • Configure LYNK Device
  • Monitor Discover Energy Systems Lithium Batteries
  • Troubleshoot and monitor Discover Energy Systems Lithium batteries
  • Simulate and validate integration of Discover Energy SystemsLithium Batteries

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Available Configurations for
Hybrid Inverter Chargers

  • Serial CAN
  • CANopen
  • RV-C
    • SPE Chargers 
    • CAN Devices
    • Victron Energy Color Control GX, Venus GX, VE.CAN Devices

      Additional Communication Product



      LYNK LITE Communication Gateway aggregates and displays the State of Charge for AES PROFESSIONAL and AES LiFePO4 batteries in a compact package suitable for in-line integration in motive machine battery compartments.

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