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The #1 cause of all battery failures is acid stratification. Acid stratification happens in every lead acid battery when the heavier acid in the battery's electrolyte separates from the water and assembles at the bottom of the battery's cells creating an area of very high specific gravity electrolyte. Discover deploys patented MIXTECH acid mixing technology as countermeasures against acid stratification. 

MIXTECH is a patented technology built into every flooded Discover MIXTECH battery, that uses a vehicle's natural movement to continuously mix the electrolyte inside the battery to eliminate acid stratification. 

By eliminating or slowing acid stratification the battery maintains a uniform charge and discharge activity across the whole of the battery's plates. Eliminating acid stratification improves active material utilization, sustains Dynamic Charge Acceptance and cycle life and prevents premature loss of performance and life.

360° Mixing
Exceeds OEM
Vibration Resistant
Extreme Vibration
Carbon Boost
Enhanced Alloys
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EMX - Premium Flooded
EFB - Enhanced Flooded

EGM - Enhanced Glass Mat

EMX - Commercial Starting

EMX ECL - Commercial Starting

EFB - High Power

EGM - Commercial High Cycle

The #1 killer of batteries is acid stratification.

That's bad. We fixed that.


Traditional Batteries

Acid stratification happens when the heavier acid separates from the water in the battery's electrolyte and settles at the bottom of the battery, causing excess corrosion and charge imbalance.


MIXTECH Batteries

Incorporate patented MIXTECH technology that uses the motion of your vehicle to continuously mix the electrolyte preventing acid stratification.

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