Whether you need power for a day or an intense multi-shift work schedule, we are ready to meet your operation demands. From deep-cycle DRY CELL AGM and GEL CELL lead-acid batteries to the productivity enhancement of lithium solutions with smart systems integration, fast charging, and cold temperature operating ability, Discover has the certified safe and OEM performance-proven solutions you need. Power Packs for Class 3 forklifts and walkies (including chargers) are available with all battery types.

DRY CELL AGM Batteries

Sealed, maintenance-free, nonspillable deep-cycle DRY CELL AGM batteries eliminate maintenance costs and increase productivity by delivering long high discharge runtimes and good cycle life.

GEL CELL Batteries

Sealed, maintenance-free, nonspillable deep-cycle true GEL CELL batteries eliminate maintenance costs and deliver good high discharge runtimes and longer cycle life even at high temperatures.

Lithium Batteries

12V, 24V, 36V and 48V lithium battery solutions featuring self-heating for cold temperature operation and a proprietary high-current battery management system and advanced systems integration functionality.

DRY CELL AGM Traction/Industrial

Trusted by OEMs around the world, DRY CELL AGM Traction/Industrial deep-cycle batteries outperform traditional Flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries in demanding traction and industrial applications. DRY CELL batteries are designed to deliver long high operating current runtime and to be regularly cycled to >50% DOD when proper charging sources are available.

GEL CELL Traction/Industrial

With a long history of safety and reliability, GEL CELL Traction Industrial deep cycle batteries deliver exceptional longevity under Partial State of Charge operation and high-temperature conditions. Discover’s GEL CELL Series exceed flooded and AGM battery performance with deep discharge recovery, making them ideal for demanding traction and industrial applications.


LITHIUM PROFESSIONAL batteries feature self-heating and a proprietary high current battery management system. Trusted OEM quality tested and certified to the highest safety and performance standards; the Discover PROFESSIONAL Series is purpose-built to replace standard BCI 6V, 8V, and 12V sizes. PROFESSIONAL Series has LYNK Gateway options for systems integration.

Lithium BLUE LiFePO4

Designed for excellence, Lithium BLUE batteries offer BMS controlled safety, long life, and lightning-fast charging. Purpose-built 12V and 24V options with Bluetooth access to battery State of Charge, voltage, current, and temperature status.

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