Automotive Fleet Batteries

Whether you have a fleet of one or hundreds of vehicles; older model or highly equipped late models with high energy demands and start-stop engines, Discover has the right battery technology for your fleet.

Marine Batteries

Discover has a complete line of starting, dual-purpose, deep-cycle house and trolling motor watercraft batteries. Lead-acid batteries and Lithium solutions to get you where you want to go and more importantly get you back again.

Work Vehicle Batteries

Heavy electronic and electrical equipment loads and anti-idle legislation are increasing demands on work and emergency vehicle batteries. Discover has a complete range of lead-acid and Lithium solutions purpose built to support people who rely on vehicles to do their jobs and earn their living.

Bus / Rail Batteries

Tested and proven purpose-built batteries with the safety and performance features demanded to reliably support the OEM and added after market equipment in commercial and rail-stock vehicles.

Truck Batteries

Massive electronic and electrical house loads and anti-idle legislation are increasing demands on commercial vehicle batteries. Discover purpose builds solutions to support the intensive and long distance driving needs of people that rely on vehicles to earn their living.

RV / Caravan Batteries

Discover the great outdoors. With a wide selection of starting, dual-purpose, and deep-cycle house power batteries we have the lead-acid batteries or Lithium solution you need to power your home away from home.

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