Engineered for performance and reliability and installed and trusted by Original Equipment Manufacturers and traditional replacement market customers, Discover manufactures one of the most complete ranges of VRLA batteries in the world.

Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), or starved electrolyte batteries, use a sulfuric acid and water electrolyte that is suspended in a GEL or Absorbed into a Glass Mat (AGM). There is no excess electrolyte to leak out even if tipped or turned upside down. These sealed “nonspillable” batteries are considered non-hazardous and can be shipped without restrictions by land, sea and air.

DRY CELL, AGM and GEL CELL models are available for Semi-Traction Industrial, Marine/RV, Solar, Rail/Transit, Deep Cycle, Mobile Deep Cycle, Front Terminal, Float/Standby, and High Rate applications. Each type has advantages over the other depending upon the application.

DRY CELL AGM Traction/Industrial

Trusted by major OEMs worldwide, Discover offers a complete range of DRY CELL AGM batteries designed to deliver a long runtime, high operating current and withstand deep discharges. Specific charge algorithms are available that support optimal battery performance and longevity.

DRY CELL AGM Commercial Rail/Transit

DRY CELL batteries are the most tested and certified AGM battery in the transportation industry today. These batteries offer vibration resistant high-power performance for heavy duty diesel engines, commercial bus, truck, and heavy-duty commercial equipment with resilient deep-cycle reserve capacity energy.

DRY CELL AGM Solar/Energy Storage

DRY CELL Solar/Energy Storage batteries outperform traditional flooded, AGM, and Gel deep cycle batteries and are a resilient solution for RE and stationary storage applications. DRY CELL maintains a stable operating voltage and deliver reliable runtimes over their operational life.


DRY CELL Marine/RV batteries outperform traditional batteries with exceptional dual-purpose, starting and deep-cycle performance. Tolerant to extreme temperatures, vibration and Partial State of Charge operation, DRY CELL batteries are trusted by boat builders and RV manufacturers worldwide.

GEL CELL Traction/Industrial

GEL CELL batteries incorporate a true Gel traction formula that meets or exceeds aftermarket replacement and Original Equipment requirements. These batteries deliver exceptional longevity under Partial State of Charge operation and high temperature conditions and are ideal for demanding traction and industrial applications.

VRLA AGM Float/Standby

VRLA AGM Float/Standby batteries deliver high reliability in general purpose applications to avoid disruptions in life and productivity. These batteries are maintenance-free and the ideal solution for medical devices, security systems and emergency lighting, among other applications.

VRLA AGM Deep Cycle

VRLA AGM Deep Cycle batteries are maintenance-free and deliver deep-cycle and cyclic discharging for a general range of cyclic applications such as backup power, solar, and renewable energy storage.

VRLA AGM Mobile Deep Cycle

VRLA AGM Mobile Deep Cycle batteries are built for mobile applications that undergo frequent vibration and require deep cycle and cyclic discharging such as RV, Caravan, Marine and Home Medical Equipment.

VRLA AGM High Rate

High Rate Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries are maintenance-free and deliver high rate backup for uninterruptable power supply and critical power applications.

VRLA AGM Front Terminal

VRLA AGM Front Terminal batteries are maintenance-free, deliver high power and feature front terminals for backup for industrial, utility and telecommunication applications.