Discover® MIXTECH EMX Marine/RV Starting batteries combine patented MIXTECH technology with expanded metal grids and advanced active materials to produce a superior starting battery that uses the natural movement of the vehicle to keep battery acid in constant circulation as a countermeasure against the #1 cause of premature performance loss and battery failure - acid stratification.


The #1 killer of batteries is acid stratification. That's bad. We fixed that.

Traditional Batteries

Acid stratification happens when the heavier acid separates from the water in the battery's electrolyte and settles at the bottom of the battery, causing excess corrosion and charge imbalance.

MIXTECH Batteries

Incorporate patented MIXTECH technology that uses the motion of your vehicle to continuously mix the electrolyte preventing acid stratification.

MIXTECH EMX Key Benefits

Improved Standard Micro-Cycle Life

MIXTECH EMX provides 2x the micro-cycle life of conventional batteries tested according to DIN 75073.7.14. (Cycle test 17.5% DOD)


MIXTECH Technology eliminates symptoms related to acid build up. This patented acid mixing achieves 100% homogeneous specific gravity at twice the effectiveness, and less than half the time of pump action mixing elements. View White Paper.

What's in the Box?

  1. MIXTECH. Patented Acid mixing technology
  2. Expanded negative grids
  3. Increased negative active material density
  4. Fiber-lock scrim
  1. Envelope (-) separators
  2. High purity calcium alloy expanded positive grids
  3. Increased positive active material density
  4. Element bonding
  1. Reinforced polypropylene case
  2. Integrated carry handles
  3. Central degassing manifold with integrated flame arrestors
  4. Cold forged SAE terminals

Industry Awards