Logistics & Safety

Tubular Flooded OPzS Battery Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Tubular Flooded OPzS Battery Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Tubular Gel OPzV Battery Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Automotive Battery Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Automotive Battery Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


DRY CELL Industrial Operating Manual
DRY CELL Solar Operating Manual
SOPzS Tubular Flooded Operating Manual
OPZV Tubular Gel Cells Operating Manual
AES 14-24-2800 12-36-6700 12-48-6650 MANUAL

Application Notes

DRY CELL Opportunity Charging Guide
Not Conductance Testers Note
AES Open Loop Integration with Magnum Energy App Note
AES Open Loop Integration Midnite Solar App Note
AES Closed Loop Integration Xanbus Enabled Schneider App Note

Firmware & Software

AES Dashboard Installer
Discover-AES-14-36-3000 3.8.0 Firmware
Discover-AES-14-48-3000 3.8.0 Firmware
Discover-AES-14-24-3000 3.8.0 Firmware
Discover-AES-14-12-3000 3.8.0 Firmware


AES Lithium Solar References

Data Sheets

Tubular Tubular Battery Pole Construction Paper
AES Wall Mount Bracket Data Sheet
AES 44-48-3000 Wall Mount Bracket
CAN Bus Battery Discharge Indicator (LED)
CAN Bus Battery Discharge Indicator (LCD)


DRY CELL Motive Power VRLA Warranty Form
DRY CELL Solar Energy Storage VRLA Warranty Form
MIXTECH Warranty
Tubular Gel OPzV System Product Registration Form
Energy Storage Flooded Block Warranty Form


MIXTECH Technology - Laboratory Test
MIXTECH Technology - Field Test
Discover MIXTECH Battery Technology
What’s Inside a Lithium Battery? Tear Down of Small Motive Lithium Batteries Compared.
Design Philosophy - AES LiFePO4 Battery

Product Brochures

DRY CELL Marine and RV Leaflet
DRY CELL Transit and Train Leaflet
DRY CELL Traction Brochure
DRY CELL Battery Technology Comparison
GEL CELL Battery Leaflet

White Paper

DRY CELL Marine and RV White Paper
MIXTECH Technology White Paper
Tubular vs Flat Plate White Paper
AES Making the Switch White Paper
Preventative Battery Maintenance for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Case Study

AES Lasqueti Island Case Study

Battery 101 Article

A brief history of Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries:
Battery Safely - Working with Batteries
General lead-acid battery types:
General lead-acid battery chemistry:
General lead-acid battery applications:

Application 101 Articles

Automotive Start-Stop Systems are Tough on SLI Batteries
What is Dynamic Charge Acceptance?
The Right Battery is Critical for Automotive Start-Stop Technology
Starter Battery Specifications - Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
Dual-Purpose Battery

CAD Files

AES 12-42 Series Model
AES 14-44 3k Series Model


Terminal Torque Specification Guide