EFB batteries for automotive application combine MIXTECH acid mixing technology with the latest Enhanced Flooded Battery breakthroughs in lead alloys and unique carbon additives to significantly improve dynamic charge acceptance and micro-cycle life (17.5%DOD) in Partial State of Charge (PSOC) Start-Stop vehicle applications.

Enhanced Flooded Batteries with MIXTECH Technology

MIXTECH EFB Enhanced Flooded Start-Stop Batteries with mixing technology prevents acid build up from killing your battery and extends their micro-cycle life by up to 3x.

MIXTECH EFB Key Benefits

  • +/-200,000 engine starts*
  • Countermeasures against acid stratification
  • High-energy micro-cycle design for Start-Stop engines and intense urban driving schedules
  • Ideal for extreme temperature climates
  • Sealed manifold vents for >45⁰ spill resistance
  • OEM replacement part in a wide range of models
  • High-energy replacement for EFB and AGM batteries
  • Sealed flat top maintenance-free design
  • Enhanced Safety with built-in flame arrestor
  • Built-in suitcase style handles

*See whitepaper

The MIXTECH EFB Advantage


MIXTECH Enhanced Flooded Battery technology prevents acid buildup from killing your batteries and extends their micro-cycle life by up to 3x.

What’s in the box?

A closer look to the design of the MIXTECH EFB battery construction, with the latest Enhanced Flooded Battery breakthroughs in lead alloys and unique carbon additives.

Battery acid stratification is bad, we fixed that.

Acid mixing technology combined with electrochemical advancements improves starting battery performance, reliability and life.

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* DIN 75073.7.14

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Additional Automotive Applications

Starting Batteries for Conventional Vehicles

EMX Starting batteries combine MIXTECH technology with expanded metal grids and advanced active materials to produce a superior automotive starting battery, delivering 2x the micro-cycle life of conventional batteries and 1.5x the dynamic charge acceptance and life of replacement market EFB batteries

Automotive Anti-Idle / Start-Stop

Automotive EGM batteries combine MIXTECH technology, EFB technology and the high performance and extreme vibration resistance of AGM batteries to produce a high cycle battery with greater than 4x the cycle life of comparable conventional batteries in Start-Stop or anti-idle use.