How Can I Stop Extreme Heat From Killing My Battery?

Commercial vehicles are not going to stop travelling through extreme environments. They won’t decrease their demanding electrical loads or intense driving schedules. They can’t stop working over hot summer days; they can’t prevent from running and idling over hot roads for hours at a time, and they certainly can’t change course to travel through more moderate climates. Even if all that was possible, high internal battery box temperatures are occurring in cooler weather, too, as the desire for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions has led to aerodynamic enhancements that redirect airflow over and around the vehicle instead of through the engine compartment, along the frame rails or past the battery boxes. These rising operating temperatures significantly affect your battery’s performance and life.

For every 10° increase in temperature above 77°F /25°C, the chemical reaction inside your battery will approximately double, cutting battery life in half. Under extreme climatic conditions, such as in the southern United States, Australia and the Mideast, batteries regularly reach a service life of just 6 to 10 months.

MIXTECH batteries utilize Patented acid circulation technology to virtually eliminate the high-temperature acid concentrations that accelerate internal plate corrosion, battery dry-out, premature capacity loss and battery failure. This achieves up to 4x the standard life of conventional batteries without acid mixing.