General lead-acid battery applications:

Batteries can be referred to by the application they were designed for. These applications will range from pure starting to pure cycling or deep cycling and float service or standby/backup power. Many applications have needs somewhere in between.

  • Starting batteries - for engine starting and ignition applications
  • EFB batteries - for Micro-cycling in start-stop engine technology
  • Float batteries - for UPS/Telecom or standby backup power applications
  • Cyclic batteries - for light-duty lighting and accessory loads in RV/Marine applications
  • Renewable energy batteries - for long-life, high-cycle use in off grid applications
  • Deep Cycle - for medium-duty loads in general-purpose Golf Carts/RV/Marine and Renewable applications
  • Commercial Semi-Traction - for heavy-duty high-rate deep cycling loads in commercial applications
  • Industrial Traction - for heavy-duty use in industrial equipment such as electric forklifts