How can I manage the risks associated with batteries in my organization?

As a Multi-Station, Multi-System or Multi-Bank Operator, you must implement a rigorous risk management program that protects you, your employees, the community and the environment. You must be aware of the hazards associated with using batteries (particularly flooded batteries), transportation hazards, community “Right to Know Acts,” environmental compliances and more.

By using Discover non-hazardous nonspillable batteries, you limit your risks associated with the Department of Transportation (DOT) compared to flooded batteries, considered hazardous material. Because of related dangers, your drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License with a hazardous materials endorsement.

You may be required to carry special Bill of Lading information. You may also be limited from carrying any other hazardous material in the vehicle simultaneously (such as cleaners, petroleum, etc.) Discover batteries are sealed nonspillable, and they are labelled as such. Because they are clearly labelled and shipped with terminal protectors, they are exempt from specific restrictive DOT regulations.

If ignited in a fire, the plastic, lead, and acid in a battery can cause toxic fumes. Therefore, the Community Right to Know Act (read more on the EPCRA act of 1986 at requires reporting for batteries if sulfuric acid is present in quantities over 500 lbs (227 kgs.) and/or lead in quantities over 10,000 lbs. (4,545 kgs.). Storing 24 standard cable TV backup batteries or 20 standard golf cart batteries may make you liable to report as the acid content exceeds the limits. Violators are subject to fines of up to $25,000.00. Discover dealers can make just-in-time deliveries of your battery needs and help keep you updated with the information needed to comply with emergency planning in your communities.

Failure to dispose of used batteries can also lead to huge fines and criminal penalties. Used batteries not properly managed might end up in the hands of metal dealers who might dump the sulfuric acid to get at the lead. If your batteries are found in the garbage or a landfill, you can be fined and liable for cleanup costs. Discover dealers can manage your risk associated with the environment. As professionals, they collect and dispose of scrap every day under strict transportation and reporting guidelines. By using Discover Sealed Valve Regulated batteries from Discover-approved dealers, you can reduce potential liabilities and better manage the risks associated with batteries within your organization. For more information, read the section on “How do I compare and make an informed buying decision when deciding between flooded, AGM, deep-cycle AGM, Series 700 and/or GEL batteries”.