Which Battery is best for Scissor Lift Aerial Work Platforms?

Scissor lift batteries will be deeply cycled (80% Depth of Discharge - DoD) regularly and often operated in a Partial State of Charge (PSOC) situation. The batteries will need high power capability to support the surge current demanded by electric traction and lifting motors, plus the surge of optional inverters. If the battery is Lithium, the BMS will also need to tolerate the energy back-feed (EMF Spike) when a motor is stopped.

Batteries for AWP machines should ideally be maintenance-free and be able to accept frequent short charges or ‘opportunity charging’ without degradation in long-term performance. Also, low-quality charging systems may not stop when they should and, therefore, regularly ‘over-charge’ the battery, degrading its useful life. Outdoor temperatures may impact battery health. State of Charge (SOC) monitoring is beneficial for machine operators.