Why semi-traction DRY CELL AGM and GEL CELL batteries last longer than general purpose AGM or GEL batteries?

  • Pure lead-tin grid alloys incorporate proprietary additives that increase the surface area of the plate, which ultimately helps to retard corrosion and extend the life of the grid.
  • Thicker industrial semi-traction grids (>3.5mm) achieve more corrosion resistance than the thinner grids typical of general-purpose deep-cycle AGM or GEL batteries.
  • Discover DRY CELL AGM and GEL CELL batteries are protected against deep discharge because they are precisely “acid-starved”, and in the case of Discover’s DRY CELL types are “extremely acid starved.” This means that the battery uses the power in the acid before it uses the power in the plates. Therefore, the plates are never subjected to destructive ultra-deep discharges. More technically speaking, the quantity of electrolytes must be tightly controlled so that the battery attains the expected design life (under normal operating conditions), taking into account the rate of recombination and the corrosion of the positive electrode.
  • Discover uses more active material per amp hour of battery capacity, which ultimately results in a “more” acid-starved reaction meaning that even when the battery is discharged deeply (the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte is used up and absorbed by the negative active material in the process of discharge), the active material utilization is kept to a minimum. More technically speaking, the active material is over-dimensioned to ensure that all of the active material is never completely charged or discharged in early discharge and charge cycles. Depending upon the part number, Discover EV Semi-Traction Dry Cell AGM and GEL batteries contain as much as:
    • 77% more active material than flooded deep-cycle batteries
    • 33% more active material than general-purpose VRLA deep-cycle batteries
  • Discover DRY CELL and GEL CELL batteries contain ultra-premium dual-insulating PVC or PE separators (depending upon model), which will not break down in service.
  • Discover DRY CELL AGM batteries containing woven organic capillary glass mats or fibreglass mat separators (depending upon the model) at the ideal compression and ideal saturation to achieve the best balance between capacity utilization and recombination efficiency. The dual insulating separators also help to prevent separator misalignment and treeing or shorting at the bottom and sides of the plates. The glass fibres are embedded into the plate, which helps to retard active material shedding.