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Discover Energy Corp. announces strategic cooperation for Mixtech starter batteries

September 12 2016

Frankfurt, Germany. Discover Energy’s President, Darwin Sauer, has announced that Mixtech Energy GmbH will become an exclusive regional distributor for Discover's Mixtech automotive batteries.

Newly founded, Mixtech Energy GmbH is dedicated to support all customers in the starter battery market. This cooperation capitalizes the already established network of employees and partners to provide a world class support network.

Mr. Wolfgang Rother, Sales Manager for Mixtech Energy GmbH, along with Mr. Robert Kipar, European Sales Director for Discover Energy Corp., witnessed the high quality of the German products in their visit to the Korean plant in Gwangju, reinforcing his confidence in the final product.

"The MIXTECH technology is the first real innovation in the field of starter batteries for many years. Especially because in today's time when start-stop applications play an increasingly critical role in the automotive sector, this technology increases the battery life significantly, thereby reducing the overall costs for the end customer drastically", said Mr. Rother.

Welcoming the announcement, Robert Kipar mentioned: "I am convinced this will be a long and mutually beneficial cooperation. Discover Energy is honored to work with Mr. Rother, who has over 30 years in the starter battery business".

The European Sales Director for Discover Energy Corp, described the benefits of the MIXTECH technology from any other starter battery technology available in the market. "The starter battery requirements continuously evolve due to the development with automotive design and specifications. Other than the primary need of high consistent cold cranking amps (CCA), automotive manufactures require consistent charge acceptance, stable voltage and temperature resilience. MIXTECH is the ideal solution".

"Other manufacturers rely on technologies such as EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), which only solve part of the problem. Our approach is completely different as we provide the customer with a complete solution that meets all the requirements", added Mr. Kipar.  

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