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Discover MIXTECH Product Notice | DIN Batteries Vent Kits

September 15 2017

RICHMOND, BC, Canada (September 2017). Discover has a complete range of DIN battery models that have been tested and certified to the highest OEM standards. DIN batteries are becoming increasingly popular and are being installed in a number of sensitive areas within the vehicle. As such these DIN models have special tilt and roll over testing requirements as well as standardized flame arresting venting systems that provide for safe operation and installation in various battery compartments.

Many of these batteries are installed using vent hoses and vent plugs. You can see both the plug and the vent hose assembly in the attached picture.

Be sure to notify your customers and dealers that when replacing the original DIN battery that they need to make sure the vent hose and the vent plug are installed in the replacement battery.

When ordering your DIN batteries from Discover you can:

Request for the vent hole on the left side of each battery (when the posts are closest to you) to have the plug installed on the assembly line, and/or
Order the vent kits separately for distribution to your customers. Each VENTKIT Master pack INCLUDES 100 individual bags with 1 vent tube, 1 vent elbow and 1 vent plug.

Part #: VENTKIT100PK

It is important that vent tubes and vent plugs be re-installed during the battery replacement process to avoid potential damage to the vehicles battery box and/or surrounding area.

Contact your Discover sales representative or Discover customer service with any questions at

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