Welcome to the new AES dashboard learning center. The AES Dashboard is a human-to-machine interface that allows you to communicate with your Discover Lithium Batteries. On this page, you will find a link to download the program to your computer, some useful tips, and a full video instruction library to guide you through managing your battery.

To get you started: You will need to make sure that you have a USB Mini cable. Please download the AES Dashboard program to your computer and install it. Here is the link to the latest version of the program. AES Dashboard Program

Once installed, please follow the instructions in the Video Series below.

Connecting AES Dashboard

    1. In this section, you will learn how to connect your computer to your battery and troubleshoot any connection issues.
    2. If you have more than one battery, try to connect to them individually. If you cannot connect to any battery, it is likely a computer problem. Review steps below.
    3. Helpful Notes:
      • File > Preferences > Connection > 12/42, 14/44 USB only
      • Help > Service Center > Setup > Update Drivers
      • Double -check your USB mini cable for data pins (as shown in video)

Introduction and Overview

    1. In this section, we will explore many of the AES dashboard features to familiarize you with the content and ensure you are utilizing the full potential of the program.
    2. Items covered in this section include:
      • Locating system time and updating,
      • Locating Firmware versions (updating will be covered in separate section)
      • Monitoring the health of your battery


    1. In this section, you will learn a simple process of upgrading your firmware to the latest version to ensure you have all the latest features and fixes.
    2. This process is often not needed, but it is important to do when you experience an issue with your battery.
    3. NOTE: The battery will reject a firmware update if there is current flowing in or out of the battery. Ensure that there is no charge or discharge current or disconnect the battery cables to be certain.
    4. Troubleshooting:
      • Reinstall the boot loader drivers: Help > Service Center > Setup > Update Drivers.
      • Double-check that the battery is in Boot Mode.
      • Force the battery to exit Boot Mode, or
      • Retry the firmware update.
    5. Check for the latest version of battery firmware here:

Log Files

    1. Log files tell us the health of the battery over time and track all events. With this information, we can help diagnose any issues you may experience with your battery or system.
    2. When requesting support, we will be asking you to download the latest log files and include them with your support request.
      • The data log naming convention is: DYYYY_MM*
      • Note that large data logs may take a few minutes to download.
      • If the file name doesn't follow this formatting (DYYYY_MM) or the dates are in the future or far past, follow the update your system time video.

Advanced Analytics

The AES Dashboard provides a very technical analytics program for experienced technicians to look deep into the battery's health. This data is not useful for the average end-user and could cause more questions than necessary if misused.