MIXTECH EFB High Power Batteries

Along with the highest combined CCA and RC of any flooded battery in its class, Discover’s commercial EFB High Power batteries for bus and transit combine the latest high-cycle plate design, extreme vibration resistance and patented MIXTECH acid mixing technology to deliver significant improvement in dynamic charge acceptance and micro-cycle life in Start-Stop and Anti-Idle vehicle batteries that are constantly exposed to Partial State of Charge use.

MIXTECH EGM High Cycle Batteries

Commercial EGM High Cycle batteries for bus and transit use combine MIXTECH acid mixing technology with deep-cycle enhanced flooded battery breakthroughs and the high-performance and vibration resistance of AGM batteries to produce a far superior flooded high-cycle Enhanced Glass Mat (EGM) battery with improved dynamic charge acceptance in partial State of Charge use, and without the same dry-out and thermal runaway risks associated with AGM batteries.

DRY CELL AGM Rail/Transit Batteries

With exceptional dual-purpose, starting and deep-cycle performance, DRY CELL AGM Rail/Transit batteries are tolerant of a wide ambient temperature range and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operation. DRY CELL AGM batteries offer the independently tested and verified performance and safety features demanded by rail and transit authorities around the world.

Additional Bus & Rail Applications

Bus & Rail Auxiliary Batteries

The most rigorously tested and certified DRY CELL AGM battery in the transportation industry. High Power and dual-purpose performance for Rail and Transit applications with resilient deep cycle (80% DOD) reserve capacity energy.

Bus & Rail Starting Batteries

Patented MIXTECH EMX starting and ECL Extended Cycle Hybrid transit and bus starting batteries are purpose-built with countermeasures against acid stratification, the #1 cause of premature performance loss and battery failure.