Discover HELIOS Energy Storage System is purpose-built for the replacement of 24V and 48V groupings of the popular GC-size lead-acid battery used in off-grid solar systems. Discover HELIOS ESS incorporate a proprietary high-current BMS that delivers superior peak power along with lightning-fast 1C continuous charge and discharge rates, and unlike lead-acid batteries, can be continuously operated in a partial state of charge (PSOC) without degrading performance. Discover HELIOS features COLD CHARGE functionality, allowing cold temperature charging to begin from -20⁰C / -4⁰F.

Product Features

  • Multi-battery BMS communication
  • Connect battery string to LYNK Gateway
  • Remote ON / OFF

External Fuse
  • Field serviceable fuse protects your investment from abuse or misuse

ON/OFF Status
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • At-a-glance multi-color status LED

High-Current BMS
  • Plug-and-Play system wide BMS communication
  • Sets voltage, broadcasts SoC and temperature
  • High Peak Discharge and 1/C Continuous Charge Current

Cold Charging
  • Integrated self-heating
  • Charging from -20˚C / -4˚F

Product Features

Optional Accessories

  • LYNK Devices
  • Remote State of Charge Display
  • Network Cables


HELIOS ESS Accessories

Unlock the full potential of a Discover HELIOS Energy Storage System. Discover HELIOS ESS provides several optional accessories that enhance or provide additional capabilities.

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