Discover® DRY CELL Solar/Energy Storage batteries outperform traditional flooded, AGM, and GEL deep-cycle batteries and are a resilient solution for renewable energy and stationary storage applications. DRY CELL Solar/Energy Storage batteries maintain a stable operating voltage and deliver reliable runtime over their operational life. DRY CELL Solar/Energy Storage are tolerant of a wide ambient temperature range and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) operation. DRY CELL Solar/Energy Storage batteries are safe, easy to use, maintenance-free, and the economical choice for solar and renewable energy storage.


Designed for Excellence

Discover DRY CELL Industrial batteries are resilient, OEM proven, maintenance-free deep-cycle batteries, tolerant of Partial State of Charge operation and extreme ambient temperatures.

Product Features

Hydro Polymer

  • Organic capillary separator technology saturated with Hydro Polymer electrolytes delivers extra electrolyte volume
  • Resists dry-out and prevents thermal runaway
  • Maintains performance characteristics over operational life
  • Absorbed Glass Mat DRY CELL Technology. No free-flowing electrolyte

Enhanced Alloys

  • Thick plate construction with graphite enhanced plate alloys deliver maximum runtime over operational life

Carbon Boost

  • Carbon additives increase duty cycle performance, battery charge acceptance and Partial State of Charge operation

Automatic Through-The-Partition Weld

  • Key industry models have improved product consistency and quality. Less wasted lead than manual welding process
  • Supports high-current loads and lowers Internal Resistance

Polypropylene Case

  • High heat resistance and durability
  • Pressure relief valves with low open / close tolerance reduce water loss and extend cycle life
  • Integrated flame arrestors prevent fire and explosion