Discover HELIOS Energy Storage System provides several optional accessories that enhance or provide additional capabilities. Contact your Discover Battery provider for more details.

Advanced Integration - Faster Charging

Unlock the full potential of a HELIOS Energy Storage System by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charge configurations of the world’s best industrial chargers and mobile inverter chargers. The LYNK PORT on each HELIOS ESS allows for real-time closed-loop communication between multiple batteries and with a charger, or inverter charger, using LYNK II to aggregate and communicate State of Charge.

Additional Accessories

Optional networking accessories are available for the HELIOS Energy Storage System.

  • DLP B2B-400 (COMM Cable 0.4 meters / 15.75 inches) | PN: 950-0035
  • DLP TOL-7600 (COMM Cable 7.6 meters / 299.25 inches) | PN: 950-0037
  • DLP TOL-1800 (COMM Cable 1.8 meters / 70.87 inches) | PN: 950-0036
  • DLPT Connector (COMM T Connector) | PN: 950-0041
  • DLP T Connector (COMM T Connector) with DLP B2B-400 (COMM Cable 0.4 meters / 15.75 inches) | PN: 950-0038

HELIOS Outdoor Battery Enclosure

The battery enclosure is designed in a trunk configuration to NEMA 3R specifications and can hold up to six Discover HELIOS batteries, compatible with the UL 9540 limit of 20 kWh.