Deep Cycle
House Batteries

RV, Caravan & Trailer Batteries

The #1 killer of batteries is acid stratification.
That's bad. We fixed that.


Traditional Batteries

Acid stratification happens when the heavier acid separates from the water in the battery's electrolyte and settles at the bottom of the battery, causing excess corrosion and charge imbalance.


MIXTECH Batteries

Incorporate patented MIXTECH technology that uses the motion of your vehicle to continuously mix the electrolyte preventing acid stratification.

MIXTECH EFB Key Benefits

  • High-energy, micro-cycle design
  • Ideal for extreme temperature climates
  • Sealed manifold vents for >45o spill resistance
  • Dual autopost + stainless steel stud terminals
  • Supports moderate micro-cycle house loads up to 17.5% DoD
  • Sealed flat top maintenance-free
  • Enhanced safety with built-in flame arrestor
  • Built-in suitcase-style handles
Exceeds OEM Specifications
Start-Stop Micro-Cycling
Vibration Resistant
Extreme Temperatures
Carbon Boost
Enhanced Alloys

Benefits and Features

DRY CELL Marine/RV batteries are resilient, OEM-proven, maintenance-free deep-cycle batteries, tolerant of Partial State of Charge operation and extreme ambient temperatures.

DRY CELL AGM Key Benefits

  • Ideal for dual-purpose use with an emphasis on high electric loads and cyclic life
  • Low self-discharge, ideal for seasonal use
  • Sealed valve regulated. Nonspillable
  • Compressed AGM cells for extreme vibration resistance
  • Supports regular high rate deep-cycle house loads up to 80% DOD
  • Maintenance-free. Unrestricted transport
  • Enhanced safety with built-in flame arrestor
  • Built-in handles
Enhanced Runtime
  • High amp hour capacity
  • High operational voltage over lifetime
  • 50% DoD above 2.05 VPC
Extended Service Life
  • Long life superior to Flooded/AGM/GEL deep-cycle batteries
  • 700+ cycles 60% DoD (IEC 896-2 Stationary Lead-Acid)
  • 1,400+ cycles 50% DoD (BCIS-06 Deep-Cycle Lead-Acid)
  • Partial State of Charge operation superior to AGM
  • Intense duty cycling superior to AGM/GEL
  • Overcharge and over-discharge resilience superior to AGM
Extreme Temperature
  • High temperature life superior to AGM
  • Low temperature operation superior to Flooded/AGM/GEL batteries
Reliable and Safe
  • Valve Regulated Lead-Acid, DRY CELL AGM
  • Maintenance-free, nonspillable, no-gassing
  • Spark and explosion tested (SAE J1495)
Extreme Vibration Resistant
  • Vibration resistance superior to AGM/GEL
  • Vibration shock tested (IEC 61373, DIN EN 61373, SAE J537)
  • Exceeds OEM specifications
  • Innovative technology
  • Global service and support