MIXTECH EMX Starting Batteries

EMX Commercial batteries for RV/Caravans combine patented MIXTECH technology with expanded metal grids and advanced active materials to produce a superior starting battery, that uses the natural movement of the vehicle to keep battery acid in constant circulation to eliminate the #1 cause of premature performance loss and battery failure: acid stratification.

MIXTECH EFB High Power Batteries

Along with the world’s highest CCA and RC, EFB Commercial High Power batteries for RV combine MIXTECH acid mixing technology with the latest Enhanced Flooded Battery breakthroughs with increased active material densities to significantly improve dynamic charge acceptance and micro-cycle life in Partial State of Charge use.

MIXTECH EGM High Cycle Batteries

EGM Commercial batteries for RV/Caravans combine MIXTECH acid mixing technology with high-cycle Enhanced Flooded Battery breakthroughs, and the high performance and vibration resistance of AGM batteries, to produce a far superior flooded Enhanced Glass Mat (EGM) battery with without the same dry-out and thermal runaway risks associated with AGM batteries.


Tested and certified in the transportation industry, DRY CELL Transit/Rail batteries for RV/Caravan use are vibration resistant and delivers resilient starting power and deep cycle (80% DOD) reserve capacity.

Additional RV/Caravan Applications

RV/Caravan Gasoline Engine Starting Batteries

MIXTECH flooded RV/Caravan batteries with built-in countermeasures against acid stratification, the #1 cause of premature performance loss and battery failure. Maintenance-free batteries with flame arrestors provide safety and convenience of use.

RV / Caravan Deep Cycle House Batteries

Power for a day or a week, from lead-acid to lithium battery solutions, Discover offers the world’s largest selection of safe and reliable OEM quality energy for your house battery banks.