Discover® Energy Storage Tubular Flooded OPzS batteries provide superior deep cycling performance and reliable energy storage for stationary applications including UPS, Industrial Backup, Telecom Networks, and Renewable Energy. OPz Tubular Plate Technology extends Lead-Acid battery service life significantly by providing excellent recovery during deep discharge and frequent Partial State of Charge operation. OPzS batteries provide maximum efficiency per discharge-charge cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, and unstable power network installations. OPzS batteries benefit from long maintenance intervals and provide the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) amongst flooded lead-acid technologies.


Product Features

Tubular Technology

  • Positive plates provide 20% more capacity than flat plate batteries
  • Encapsulated active material avoids plate shedding extending cycle life

Sliding Pole Terminal

  • Durable and acid resistant
  • Prevents cracking of cover and acid leakages due to natural battery plate growth