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Tubular OPzS

Flooded Batteries


Discover® Energy Storage Flooded OPzS Tubular batteries provide long and reliable performance in reserve power applications. The batteries have a long proven track record in mission-critical installations, especially in remote and high-temperature environments. Tubular batteries are exceptionally tolerant of partial state of charge operation and deep discharge.

Flooded OPzS batteries provide superior float and cycle performance, with up to 20-year design life in renewable energy storage and backup applications. The batteries feature a transparent SAN case and sliding terminal poles to prevent long-term damage. Flooded OPzS batteries are vented and require low maintenance.


Battery Volts
Amp Hour (120 HR)
Amp Hour (20 HR)
Amp Hour (10 HR)

Product Features

Tubular Technology
  • Positive plates provide 20% more capacity than flat plate batteries
  • Encapsulated active material avoids plate shedding extending cycle life
Sliding Pole Terminal
  • Durable and acid resistant
  • Prevents cracking of cover and acid leakages due to natural battery plate growth
  • Ultra-high amp hour capacity
  • 50% DoD to 1.95 VPC
  • 80% DoD to 1.90 VPC
  • Up to 20-year design life
  • 2,950 cycles to 50% DoD
  • 1,900 cycles to 80% DoD
  • Intense-duty cycling superior to flat-plate batteries
  • Partial stage of charge operation superior to flat plate batteries
  • Deep discharge recovery
Scalable Energy Storage
  • High capacity with minimal parallel connections
  • 2V cells series connect to any voltage

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