ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules are manufactured with the highest-grade cobalt-free LiFePO4 cells for reliability and long life. Discover's GEN-4, high-current BMS delivers superior peak power for demanding loads and lightning-fast 1C charge and discharge rates. ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules are available with an optional BMS-managed heat mat that allows for operation in cold climates.

UL9540A testing and the pending certification of the ELEMENT ESS Battery Module to UL1973 and UL9540-BESS ensure simple permitting throughout North America. 10-year warranty plus an energy throughput performance guarantee supports the ELEMENT ESS Battery Module.

ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules are a plug-and-play integration with LYNK II Gateway that enables closed-loop communication and dramatically elevates charging performance with industry-leading hybrid inverters. Relays on LYNK II Gateway can trigger the start of a generator in response to closed-loop communication with ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules.

Parallel up to 30 kWh of ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules with an ELEMENT ESS Battery Combiner and host all of them in a single ELEMENT ESS Enclosure. Parallel and monitor up to four enclosures - 120 kWh - with an ELEMENT ESS Enclosure Combiner.

ELEMENT ESS is a powerful modular energy storage system for Residential Off-Grid Solar, Whole-Home Backup Power and Microgrids.

ELEMENT Energy Storage System

Discover ELEMENT ESS is an industry-leading Lithium storage system for Residential Off-Grid and Whole-Home Backup power.

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Product Features

  • Connects battery string to LYNK Gateway
  • Multi-battery BMS communication
High Current BMS
  • Field serviceable BMS and fuse protection
  • Plug-and-Play system wide BMS communication
  • Sets Voltage, broadcasts SoC and temperature
  • Analyze energy history and fault history
  • Download and export battery log files
  • Update battery firmware

Product Registration

Discover AES LiFePO4 product family offers an industry-leading warranty to ensure years of trouble-free, high-performance operation.

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  • Configure LYNK Device
  • Monitor Discover Lithium Batteries
  • Troubleshoot and download battery logs
  • Simulate and validate integration of Discover Lithium Batteries

ELEMENT ESS Components

ELEMENT Indoor Enclosure

  • Fully assembled
  • 19-inch rack
  • IP 20, Vented
  • Locking front and rear door access
  • Six power and comm cable entry locations
  • Lockdown and rolling hardware included

ELEMENT Outdoor Enclosure

  • Fully assembled
  • 19-inch rack
  • IP 55, Vented
  • Locking front and top access
  • Power and comm cable bottom entry
  • Pedestal mount
  • Fan kit option

ELEMENT ESS Quick Stack Rack

An open battery stacking system that is flexible, secure and sets up in only a couple of minutes.

  • Stack up to six battery modules and a battery module combiner
  • Brackets interlock without tools
  • Facilitates air gap between batteries, reducing heat transfer

ELEMENT ESS Battery Combiner Module

Parallel up to six ELEMENT ESS Battery Modules with a single ELEMENT ESS Battery Combiner.

  • Fully assembled
  • 19-inch rack mount - enclosure ready
  • Six quick-connect fused battery cable sets
  • Master double pole disconnect breaker
  • Single button power off

ELEMENT ESS Enclosure Combiner Module

Floor or wall mounted combiner that parallels up to four enclosures and connects the power conversion system.

  • Eight positions for enclosure cable sets with four open fuse positions
  • Two positions for home run cable set with a single open fuse position


Advanced Integration - Faster Charging

Unlock the full potential of Element by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charging configurations of hybrid inverter-chargers - Schneider, Victron, Sol-Ark, SMA, Studer.